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For anyone who longs to know how to make a Lemon Drop, champagne punch, or a Hot Buttered Rum, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Bartending is the only guide they’ll ever need. Whether they’re throwing a party or just want to know how to make a great cocktail, food writer Amy Zavatto reveals recipes for the hottest drinks from some of the top bartenders and restaurants in the country. It also contains important information on stocking the bar and the basics of mixing and bar etiquette.
-Professional advice from the best in the industry, including Bill Samuels, president of Makers Mark; tequila experts Julio Bermejo and Alan Miguel Kaplan; and Miles and Marko Karakasevic, 12th and 13th generation distillers of Charbay Vodka
-Over 1,500 recipes—more than any other book of its size and type
-Bartending books with many recipes sell extraordinarily well
-Great layout and cocktail-by-name index makes recipes easy to find

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