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PDF "I Call Shotgun" is a playbook for any dad who wants to pass down traditional values and timeless truths to his son.

Teenage boys hunger to understand and emulate the ideals that reflect who their dad is and what he believes. It's like hollering "I call shotgun!" and racing to sit next to Dad on a road trip. Whether it's in the car or just hanging out, boys want to spend time with and learn the lessons of life from their fathers. But if dads neglect this vital responsibility, there are plenty of other counterfeit sources of wisdom enthusiastically ready to play the role of surrogate dad. These alternates include educators, entertainers, and the mass media, all of whom are committed, ready, and willing to jump in and fill the void and teach the lessons left untaught by well-meaning dads.

"I Call Shotgun "makes the passing down of traditional values and timeless truths easy and productive. Dads now have an organized playbook and clear talking points for systematically communicating the things that matter most to the young men that matter most to them.

With hard-hitting and undiluted life lessons, "I Call Shotgun" distills and presents the street smarts and practical wisdom every son needs but few receive.

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