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PDF This completely revised and updated edition of Stephen M. Stahl s much-acclaimed Prescriber s Guide is the latest addition to the Essential Psychopharmacology range. Seven new drugs have been added, and every drug has been revised and updated to take into account new regulations and uses. In full color throughout, and with four or more pages for each of the more than 100 psychotropic drugs, Stephen M. Stahl distills his great expertise into a pragmatic formulary that gives all the information a prescriber needs to treat patients effectively. Each drug is covered in five categories: general therapeutics, dosing and use, side effects, special populations, and pearls. Target icons appear next to key categories for each drug so the prescriber can go easily and instantly to the information needed. Several indices are included, listing drugs by name (generic and international), use, and class. In addition, Dr Stahl indicates which drugs have FDA approval and also gives the FDA Use-in-Pregnancy ratings. This particular bundle includes one-year access to Stahl's Essential Psychopharmacology Online, which includes all of the Stahl's Essential Psychopharmacology series in an innovative online format, ideal for use during in-office visits or while teaching."

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