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PDF In Tonopah Range, Missouri Sloper and Elmer Law have drifted into the town of Moloch, having given up their range riding jobs to wander. A shot is heard and Missouri stumbles on the body of a local rancher and one of three partners in an immensely rich copper deposit. There is talk of lynching the town drifters for murdering Rathbone, but someone intervenes. Missouri Sloper, for perhaps no better reason than his attraction to Gail Dundee, daughter of the owner of the Bar Five, decides to lea the identity of the murderer, and this despite the danger and the opposition of his partner, Elmer Law.Alan LeMay wrote a number of classic Western novels, among them The Searchers and The Unforgiven, both of which also became classic motion pictures. LeMay's stories are written with all the fabulous vitality of the West, and he is able to bring them to life with such interesting characters that, once encountered, they become unforgettable.

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