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PDF With over 300 entries from hundreds of global experts, this is one of the premier marketing reference resources available worldwide.The 6-volume WIEM provides scholars and professionals with an international guide to marketing concepts and applicationsThe far-reaching new developments, challenges and opportunities that have arisen in recent years are fully reflected in the entriesScholars and professionals will enjoy the flexible, multi-level structure, with entries ranging from topics summaries to short essays reviewing areas of development and debateEntries are further extended by sophisticated cross-referencing both among volumes and between encyclopedia entries and external sourcesThe encyclopedia is also available online

For ease of reference, the entries are arranged alphabetically within each of the subject volumes. Designed to encompass the scope of modern marketing, the volumes cover:

Volume 1: Marketing StrategyVolume 2: Marketing ResearchVolume 3: Consumer BehaviorVolume 4: Advertising and Integrated CommunicationVolume 5: Product Innovation and ManagementVolume 6: International Marketing

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