Helen Phifer - The Secrets of the Shadows (Annie Graham, 2). PDF

PDF Sophie was afraid of the man in the shadows. He terrified her, but he would always disappear when someone else came. But one day in June 1984, she didn't escape. He took her. When a young woman is found draped over a gravestone in a chilling murder, police officer Annie Graham experiences a familiar sense of dread. A new killer is out there, and her senses tell her there is something eerily different about this case. When she spots the little girl standing outside her window, she knows that the past is about to catch up with all of them. But can she help right the wrongs of thirty years ago, and stop the killer before it's too late? Praise for HELEN PHIFER 'an atmospheric, spooky read, ideal for the season.' - I Heart Reading 'The Ghost House is the most exciting book I have read in a very long time, and would make an absolutely perfect Halloween read! Amazing debut from Helen Phifer and I eagerly await more from her!' - Judging Covers"

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