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PDF 431 Superior: What do you get when you take a dance mom and a nine-to-fi ve IT dad and drop them in the middle of a Vegas vacation-away from their six daughters? You get an idea for a new career that will take this fun-loving couple into a different world... with a whole lot of exposure. When Nate and Lucy decide to open a sex club in their hometown-complete with performers, mazes, prototype sex machines, naughty baked goods, and theme nights-they have no idea how it will turn their lives upside down, let alone how they'll explain it to the kids. Join Nate and Lucy as they discover the ups and downs-and ins and outs- of running one of "those" clubs in suburban Michigan while juggling their own relationship and managing a blended family. 431 Superior is a hilarious romp through the lives of a fortyish couple who take a giant leap of faith, while granting us a peek into the lives of those who share more than their opinions... About the Author: D. M. Pratt took a break from writing children's stories in order to write 431 Superior, which she hopes her children never read. She lives in her favorite state of denial, and also in her favorite setting, Michigan, with her husband, four daughters, and two stepdaughters. While they may be suspiciously similar to the main characters in the book, D.M. is quick to point out that she and her husband can only wish to be as daring and fun as Nate and Lucy. So if you run into them on the street, please don't give them any funny looks or invite them to one of "those" parties.

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