Tedd Arnold - Buzz Boy And Fly Guy (Fly Guy, #9). PDF

PDF This is an early chapter book and a graphic novel about two characters, Buzz Boy and Fly Guy. In this book, Buzz reads to his pet fly a story he has written about them. In the tale, Buzz is shrunk down to Fly's size and they have to battle pirates and is taken to a dragon cave far away. But luckily, the pair befriend the dragon and all ends in their favor.


1) Create a new ending to the story
2) What did you like best in the tale?
3) How could you change the plot?
4) Rewrite the story from Fly Guy's perspective
5) Create your own graphic novel story with a superhero/sidekick

Arnold, T. (2010). Buzz Boy and Fly Guy. New York: Cartwheel Books.

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