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As of the writing of this review, I am finishing my thirdyear of teaching.This is my second year teaching Intensive Reading to at-risk students.It's been a great two years, but after reading this book, I am so convicted about what I've done "wrong" thus far.I heard myself in a couple of scenarios.I saw many of my school's students depicted within the pages of this book.

I heard myself as a parent, and I actually sent a text message to my own children at one point during my reading, apologizing for being a brick wall parent.I actually see myself as a cross between brick wall and backbone.

EVERY teacher needs to read this book.

EVERY parent needs to read this book.It doesn't matter what your station in life.This book is such an eye-opener.It speaks to the importance of family life and, especially, parenting.

This isn't a book that has abstract concepts.I found myself going back into my classroom and applying the HEAT strategy immediately after reading about it.

I have much work ahead of me but am so grateful for Paul Slocumb for putting this book together.

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