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PDF Lightning struck close by; it was raining, windy, and cold. Whisper reached urgently for a nearby boulder to catch her balance. The labor of her reckless escape had taken an incredible toll on her already weary and battered frame. Whisper's vision had become so blurred that she could barely tell where the sky ended and the ground began. Fatigue was sweeping throughout her entire body and threatening to overwhelm her. She reminded herself that she was too angry to die, that she still had too much to do before Death could drag her to whatever afterlife awaited her. A Valor Infinity the Role-Playing Game Spotlight Book, this short is a supplement storyline to the Masarai character race. Struggling to uphold the vows of her commission in the Royal Hunter Regiment, Whisper, a Masarai Hunter, leads a team of three hunters on a mission to quell the demon uprising that is systematically hunting her people towards extinction.

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