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PDF If you've ever wondered why nightmarish spiders spook you or why you have such vivid dreams of losing your teeth, read on. Filled with detailed background information and an alphabetical listing of symbols, "The Complete Dream Dictionary" shows you how to pick up on broad context clues as well as decipher the deeper meaning of specific images that appear in your dreams.The Complete Dream Dictionary helps you:

Improve your dream recall and incubation
Spot the metaphors, puns, and archetypes in your dreams
Recognize common as well as advanced dream types
Create your own personal journal to record dream details
Understand common dream themes, including flying, being chased, or giving birth
Examine particular symbols in your dreams - from flowers to family members
Whether you're delving into recurring themes such as falling, or simply wondering what an apple or an airport means in your dream, "The Complete Dream Dictionary" shows you how to put these subconscious messages to good use in your waking life.

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