Maki Murakami - Gravitation, Volume 09. PDF

PDF Deciding to throw his life in Japan away, including Eiri, Shuichi agrees to sign over to XMR records in New York. Then Tohma gives up his position as president of N-G records and hands it over to Sakano! Is this a scheme to spend more time with Eiri in Japan to keep him from bringing Shuichi back? Or is it so that Sakano may be in the proper position to retrieve their super star?

This volume gave me a very, very strong urge to shoot people. Mostly just the people I have a vendetta planned for already though. >-> Seriously though. This is too much gunfire for anyone that might have a mental disorder, it'll make them want to go murder people. It was amusing though. I'm also surprised by how fast I got used to Shuichi's white/blond hair. o_o And Eiri! I knew it was him!! Or, well, I at least suspected it... and hmm, I'm starting to like Reiji a bit. And I REALLY like Yoshiki!! But I still don't want Shuichi or Eiri to end up with anyone but each other...

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