Marjorie Swift Doering - Shadow Tag (Ray Schiller Series #2). PDF

PDF Shadow Tag, the second book in the Ray Schiller Series, has Ray picking up where he left off in Dear Crossing, his debut appearance. The grisly murder of a prominent woman in her summer home led him him on an investigation where many were suspect and few were innocent. Now he's back. Paul Davis, a top ACC executive, is found dead in the boardroom of the Minneapolis-based company. The Board of Directors claims it was suicide. And why not? He was discovered with a pearl-handled revolver in his hand and a bullet wound to his head. Detective Ray Schiller and his partner Dick Waverly, however, are far from convinced. Why would Davis kill himself less than twenty-four hours after finally taking over his late father-in-law's company? The Board and Davis's successor are quick to provide answers, but their actions suggest they're hiding something. And they aren't the only ones keeping secrets—not by a long shot. Complications infiltrate the investigation as well as Ray's personal life, and what originally seemed to be a relatively straightforward case that puts his and Waverly's lives in serious jeopardy.

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