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PDF Pete the Cat: Play Ball! is the story of the beloved Pete the Cat's baseball game.This book is perfect for a shared reading activity with emerging readers.Pete the Cat loves baseball, but really isn't very good at it.Three times in the story Pete messes up.He strikes out, he drops a fly ball, and he gets out at home plate.Each time, however, the author tells us "he is not sad.He did his best."This repetitive line is perfect for students to read along with the teacher.

Students will love seeing Pete's baseball game played out through the wonderful pictures in this book.Pete teaches us that doing our best is all we can do and there is no reason to get upset if things don't go the way we want them to.This book would nicely compliment a lesson on sportsmanship.A teacher could use this book as a conversation starter prior to students participating in some sort of competitive activity.Many schools host game days or track and field days.Pete the Cat doing his best is a great reminder for students to work hard and be happy with their personal best effort.

This book is targeted at young readers in grades pre-K - 2, with an Accelerated Reader Book Level rating of 1.2 (first grade, second month).

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