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PDF met him at the festival of mystery in oakmont,pa, listended to him speak about his book and tho't, hmmmm i think i'd like it. he laughed about the books cover making it look like his middle name was vicious.he seemed like such a mild mannered nice man until i read this book.. let me tell ya...the man is one sick puppy... to come up with such a plot line!! i contemplated calling in sick to work to be able to finish reading this!!
every page is a new twist. if you like lisa gardner you'll like this guy..,there is a serial killer on the loose the police call 'mama's boy' he kidnaps mothers infront of their children leaving behind a used toy. then he disappears... for a while.
oh just read it! if you like lisa gardner style of books you will like this one.
i'm going to go add the rest of his to my 'to read list' this sure was a GREAT way to get to know a new author!
i guess i'm now going to have to be one of his 'Slasher girls' for sure!

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