Charlaine Harris - The Sookie Stackhouse Companion. PDF

PDF The #1 New York Times bestselling author presents the definitive guide to the world of Sookie Stackhouse.

Charlaine Harris has topped the bestseller charts and has become a nationwide phenomenon, thanks to the unconventional - and otherworldly - life of Sookie Stackhouse. Now, readers will have the opportunity for an in-depth look at Sookie, her family, her friends, enemies, adventures, and - of course - the lovers who set her world on fire.

Readers will:

- Tour Bon Temps via the detailed map in the book, the one created by Charlaine herself!

- Read transcripts of Eric and Bill's private conversations.

Listening time: 10 hours

- Examine all the branches of Sookie's family tree.

- Learn the fine points of the distinctions between vampire, shifter, and fae.

- Get must-have Bon Temps recipes, including Caroline Bellefleur's famous chocolate cake.

- Test themselves with trivia questions from the series.

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