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PDF Second part of the series, in the continuing story of Abby the MBA from an institute in Jamshedpur. The first book was titled Mediocre but Arrogant (MBA)
This story is about the first 10 years of Abby's work life after passing out from this MBA institute.
Outstanding read if you want to pick up some wonderful insights on HR from one of the leading HR thinkers in the country. The story is one that a lot of people will identify with - the insecurities, competitiveness with batch mates, failed/failing marriages, demanding bosses, neglected families etc. It is a story about the 'corporate types' from corporate India and wrapped within these threads are Abhijit's take on HR - the protagonist Abby is an HR practitioner. He works through positions in the factory, to the Chairman's strategy unit and an M&A situation where he has to handle a large restructuring.
Read it, if you like HR or if you need to understand it OR if you just like a good yarn about somebody who could be you.

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