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PDF Can summer sunsets over Lake Michigan, steamy kisses and street dances help high school sweethearts find hope in their future? The summer Mandy Klavis returns to Sandy Shores for a family emergency, a lot has changed. She’d been voted the girl most likely to succeed ten years earlier. But her marriage is ending. Life hasn’t turned out the way she’d planned when she left her small town. Her dreams of marriage and a career in the big city didn’t deliver. Now her marriage is over and her work in advertising leaves her stressed out and sleepless. Duty calls her home. The town she’d turned her back on still feels like a bad fit until Kevin Corbin stops in the family bakery for a raspberry kolache. The memories come flooding back.

Kevin was the sure-footed quarterback Mandy left behind. Following three tours of duty, he now struggles with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Instead of a wife, he has a one-eyed dog named Rufus. Feeling off balance herself, she coaxes him into helping her remember summers in Sandy Shores. The lake provides refuge but it also presents a danger that could steal Mandy’s last dream.

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