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PDF Gwen Stacy, who we all know as one of Peter Parker's main love interests, takes the helm as Spider-Woman. In this universe, she is a member of Mary-Jane's punk band and like Peter, she faces the same fate backed by that powerful saying, "With great power comes great responsibility."

Writer Jason Latour does a great job twisting the familiar Spider-Man tropes to fit Gwen. Peter Parker remains a nerdy dork. Instead of becoming Spider-Man, he uses a serum like Dr. Connors (The Lizard) in hopes of turning him into something strong. Peter turns into The Lizard and passes away from the accident and subsequent events. The blame is placed on Gwen as Spider-Woman. Hence, she becomes the "menace" Spider-Man is often referred to as.

Her father, Police Captain George Stacy, has an obligation to find Spider-Woman as a suspect in Peter Parker's death. Little does he know his own daughter is in fact the person he's looking for. Things come to a head in the finale. Does Gwen figure out her place as a member of the Spider-Hero family? How will she fit into the Marvel Event, Edge of Spider-Verse? Read and find out. The combination of story, art, and costume makes this an awesome addition to the Spidey Universe.

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