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PDF This is a book about Morgan le Fey of King Arthur fame. I almost quit this book within the first couple pages because the writing was so bad, but I'm anal about finishing every book I start, so I perservered. And once I got past the poor writing, I enjoyed hanging out with the Arthurian Gang again — it had been a long time. Courtway is an antropologist, so I'd like to believe his renderings of the cultures and politics are accurate. His portrayal of the Guenevere-Arthur-Lancelot love triangle is a departure from the norm, which is interesting. But his attempt to write a novel first-person from a woman's perspective fails miserably — he writes about Morgan being raped and the death of her loved ones as only a man who thinks he knows what it's like to be a woman could. He claims that his daughter read the manuscript for "emotional accuracy," but really, how easy is it to tell your father — who has a PhD and a literary agent — that he hasn't a clue? The intrigue and blood debts and family members killing each other off within 322 pages got old a little fast — it's easier to take in a tome like Mists of Avalon or the Once and Future King — so that it almost seemed as though this were supposed to be an Arthurian parody. But if that were the case, Courtway should have left rape out of it.

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