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This author of dozens of books makes it sound easy to get that book written, published and sold. And you know what... if you do it his way - it is! —John Craig, best-selling author, Microsoft press and O'Reilly Media
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This book will be especially helpful to anyone in an industry that is in a "Publish or Perish" situation.

"If I can write a publishable book., anyone can!" Othniel Seiden (Otti) starts out each class he teaches with this statement. So, it is appropriate to begin his book with this very true statement as well!

Otti has published over 20 fiction and non-fiction books in his career and will publish 6 more of both in 2008 alone.

Using commercial & partner publishers and going down the self-publishing path as well, gives his unique and contemporary insights amazing value to anyone who wants to write a book or who faces a "publish or parish" situation in their career.

Each book is different, each author is different, each path to publishing is different.

Find the one that is right for you!

Advice To Jumpstart Your Publishing Success
Why should you read this book?

You picked up this book because of the title. You must want to write a book. Maybe you already have a book started or even finished and are wondering what to do next.

This book is for you and for anyone else who wants to write a book, articles, short stories, a family history.

“They” Were Wrong!

When I first started writing over twenty-five years ago, I took several writing courses from various authors, English teachers, poets, literary agents and people in the publishing industry.

The one thing I remember is that they told me that getting published was extremely difficult. They also said that only one in a hundred thousand would succeed. Well, since then

I’ve had well over twenty books published, and that was while I was practicing medicine full time and writing as an avocation.

Either I’m really beating the odds - or "they" were wrong!

Table of Contents
#“They” Were Wrong
# My Qualifications as a Writer
# Who Should Read This Book
# Book Ideas Are Everywhere
# Researching Your Idea
# Market Research The Idea <
# Target Your Market
# Choose the Best Genre
# Define Your Niche
# Your Qualifications
# Time to Write
# Five Elements
# Writer’s Block
# Set Up Your Document’s Template
# The First Draft
# Draft Two
# All Subsequent Drafts
# Getting a Publisher <
# Self-Publishing has Changed
# Getting an Agent
# Publishing Contracts
# Marketing
# Book Signings
# Internet Book Sales
# Radio & TV
# Speaking Engagements
# Resources & Recommended Reading

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