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PDF Fighting Times is the new military history magazine for soldiers and general readers of history alike.

The second issue celebrates the centenary of the First World War with pieces from Saul David, Richard Freeman, David Boyle and Stephen Cooper.

Fighting Times also features contributions from bestselling historians and well-known authors on a wide range of subjects, including Colonial Warfare in the Imperial Age and a piece on the Irish Guards in the Great War by Rudyard Kipling, among other articles.

It also includes works of fiction by Joseph Conrad (The Tale) and Richard Foreman (Sword of Rome: Standard Bearer).

Fighting Times aims to capture both grand strategy and life on the frontline of conflicts past and present in an entertaining and informative manner.

Fighting Times is keen to hear from its readers, whether they be soldiers or military enthusiasts. Please follow us on twitter @Fighting_Times.

This edition includes:

Revisiting the Great War by Stephen Cooper

24 December 1914: The Christmas Truce by Saul David

Churchill and the First World War by Richard Freeman

The Sinking of Gulcemal by David Boyle

The Irish Guards in the Great War by Rudyard Kipling

The Castles of the William the Conqueror by Marc Morris

Colonial Warfare in the Pre-Industrial Age by Douglas Porch

Review of Hannibal: Fields of Blood by Ben Kane

Stories of the Victoria Cross Told by Those who have Won It

Review of Assassin’s Reign by Michael Arnold

The Tale by Joseph Conrad

Sword of Rome: Standard Bearer by Richard Foreman

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