P.N. Elrod - Blood on the Water (Vampire Files, #6). PDF

PDF I guess these are three discrete books, but I read them in one trade paperback. They are fun, fast, and clever, with some spot-on period details. They run together, in fact, like one novel, and the ending of the third is essentially a cliffhanger. They keep your interest nicely, even if they didn't keep me up at night reading.

The descriptions are sometimes a bit dull and I found myself skimming over the action sequences. That could be because my toddler has a cold and I'm tired, though. Also, the lead character is charmingly flawed — he gets car sick! I love the idea of a vampire who barfs on a car or a boat! However, his two sidekicks — Bobbi and Charles Escott — are a little too perfect. Still, minor quibbles with a fun if not brilliant series.

It's a new take on vampires, one that is refreshing after the exhausting sexual psychodrama that Laurell K. Hamilton seemed to have spawned. There was a LEETLE sexual psycho-drama, but it was just a touch and player for horror rather than titillation. And (these three books, at least) were entirely free from the vampire posturing that has caused me to abandon Anita Blake and seems to threaten to take over the Rachael Morgan series.

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