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PDF If you’re one of the sheep that just believe the ‘official’ history, then you think that the Manhattan Project was America’s top secret operation to build the first atomic bomb during World War 2.However, if you read these comics then you’ll know the real story.

Actually the a-bomb was just the beginning.The Manhattan Projects were led by General Leslie Groves who gathered the US’s top scientist to come up with advanced weapons and tools to counter what the enemy was doing.Both sides were constantly trying to take out the other’s capabilities so any given day might find the Japanese landing aRed Tori teleportation gate powered by Zen Death Buddhists in the MP’s headquarters and then sending a bunch of Honda Kamikaze Killing Machine robots through to do as much damage as possible.

In the face of threats like this, fanatical General Groves feels justified in extreme methods, and he’s not choosy who he’ll have work for him like Dr. Robert Oppenheimer.What Groves doesn’t know is that Oppenheimer was actually just killed and eaten by his psychotic twin brother who has stolen his identity.Or that Albert Einstein has more than a few secrets surrounding a mysterious monolith he’s built.Or that Werner von Braun and his robot arm are so obsessed with getting humanity to the stars that he’ll work with and/or betray Nazis or Americans with a equal enthusiasm.

So if you want to finally learn the truth about these men and many others that your history teachers never told you, check out The Manhattan Projects.

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