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PDF Charlottes moving, Maeve needs help, Katani's jealous of the new girl Isabel. The Beacon street girls are becoming enemies. I really like this book because it had all the girls perspectives, so you would know what they were thinking and how they felt about each situation that was happening. This made it easier to understand why the characters attitudes were how they were in the parts of the story. In my opinion, author Annie Bryant did a great job showing how all the girls didn't have to be the same to be friends. I think this because in books and movies usually the girls are put in groups of friends and they all like the same things and wear the same things. So they all seem like one person other than themselves.

After I read Bad news/Good news I realized it said book #2 to the Beacon street girls series. So I recommend reading this series in order because (like in any other series) it will be confusing. Judging from this book I predict that all the books will let each girl have a chance to be the main character. For example, I think Charlotte was the main character because the book had most of its conflicts about her moving away. Also, from the cover of the book in my opinion it looked kind of boring but I decided to read it because you can't judge a book by its cover!

I think the theme of this book is to be open minded. I think this because throughout the book each girl (other than Charlotte) isn't thinking about how they're acting or if the other people might have some conflict in their lives that they are dealing with. Also, I recommend this series to 4-7 grade because I think that it might be a holiday book for 7th and 6th graders but if you're looking for a challenge this isn't the best challenge book. I believe this series also includes cyber bullying and subjects that (supposedly) many pre-teens deal with.

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