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You'll Be Mine in 99 Jennifer Drew

The 100-Year Itch Holly Jacobs

In Jennifer Drew's You'll Be Mine in 99 librarian Katy Sloan doesn't know what to do when she realizes Hiho, Ohio, is actually celebrating its ninety-ninth, not one hundredth, birthday. Can she keep guest of honor Joel Carter from spilling the secret? Only if she slips into a bikini and enters the Miss Hiho contest!

Meanwhile, the chase is on to discover Hiho's secret in Holly Jacobs's The 100-Year Itch. Will Zoe Wallace, festival chairperson, be able to foil intrepid reporter Mace Mason's quest for the truth? Sure, he's an out-of-towner, but with each minute he's not only closer to the secret he's closer to Zoe, as well. How will this crazy couple ever fall in love and save the day?

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