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PDF FBI Agent Pete Neal has a serial killer to catch. Jacksonville Jack has murdered thirty-four women in four cities. In previous existences Jacksonville Jack has been Seattle Sidney, St. Louis Lenny and Baltimore Bertie. Although the names sound like a joke this man is anything but a joker. He kills ten women in each city and then moves on.

Pete Neal’s partner is FBI Agent Molly Syracuse. It is a Friday morning and Molly is driving south on I-95 after a breakfast meeting on a different case. As she drives she thinks about Jacksonville Jack and wonders how they are ever going to catch this damn serial killer. He has to be somewhere; the question is where? Molly is frustrated by the lack of progress in the case and wonders if they will ever get close to the serial killer. Right when she is thinking this Jacksonville Jack’s Subaru Forester passes her on the opposite side of the freeway heading north. At the moment Jacksonville Jack passes Molly Syracuse they are literally less than ten feet apart for a fraction of a second.

Jack is taking a little trip up to the Georgia Mountains. Officially he’s out hunting deer but Jack has a completely different prey in mind for this trip.

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