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PDF This will be a review that I will, no doubt, edit and add to a lot.

This is easily my most favorite and special book. It's something so beautiful that my heart aches to dwell on it. It aches because I long to be apart of something so perfect and wish for such beauty in everything I experience.

I feel I belong in that small Welsh mining town, that I should be spending all of my time supporting my family and town, singing with friends, learning voraciously, worshiping God intelligently and recognizing Him in every aspect of life, fiercely defending my friends, loving foolishly and uncontrollably, revering nature and losing myself in valleys, groves, creeks, and hill sides, or fighting and fighting and fighting with passionate words and quick fists for people, places and ideas that need me.


So it's 2 years later and I haven't updated this review yet. A friend of mine asked why. I guess it's because talking about things - giving them words - sometimes destroys this weird illusion that they are more than just the words you give them.
I can't use the same medium as the book - words - to praise it in any way that is better than what the book does with that same medium.

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