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PDF There have probably been many books claiming to be promulgate a 'Theory Of Everything'. which is a subject that holds fascination for scientists, philosophers and sophists alike.

This one submits a model of reality that is expressed in a language of western rationality in general, and computer science/ digital physics in particular.

Being someone of that ilk/ pre-disposition, I would rate this as one of the most important books I have read, to date.

Among many other things, the book has helped me define the core 'Objective function' for myself - the continuous improvement of the quality of consciousness. The simplicity and clarity of that objective function is highly liberating, and almost heralds the beginning of a new chapter.

The ToE is constructed through a few meta-themes, which are:
1) Beliefs and self-imposed limitations
2) Ideas from the edge
3) Education , learning and personal growth
4) Wisdom (distinguished from knowledge)
5) Fear, ego and delusion
6) Truth, science and logic

Most fundamentally, the author contends that the path has to be walked, not just read of intellectualized on.

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