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PDF They all awoke to the darkness outside as if they had slept all day. Still dazed and confused as theyrejoined Brandon and Alex outside the beach house by the shore.
“ I am so glad you all finally decide to wake up. Now we can all sit down and eat and start round two afterward,” said Alex.
“ Round two, What are we going back to sleep again for twelve hours?” asked Ash. “ No you did not just go to sleep my child. What you have just experience is a flash of your life as you once knew it. That would also explain why you all awoken drenched in sweat and a bit confused.
Soon you will all remember everything from how to move like you once did and who you once were. Eventually, you will even remember what magical words to say but, for now we have to work on our defense,” said Alex as he chuckled with his wavy shoulder length blond hair and with his Australian accent. Alex was a bit of a looker I can see why my mom fell in love with him so fast. Although, I still am not so keen on him dating my mother.

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