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PDF "Sport History Review" presents a special issue devoted to a re-examination of Allen Guttmann's From Ritual to Record. Based on presentations at the 2000 North American Society for Sport History Conference, this issue seeks to explore Guttmann's landmark text through a constellation of perspectives. The issue begins with the title article by Allen Guttmann, ""From Ritual to Record: A Retrospective Critique,"" wherein Guttmann discusses the origins of From Ritual to Record, critical reactions to it, and its place within his scholarship. Next, Colin D. Howell, Douglas Booth, Susan Brownell, and Gerd von der Lippe explore the text from a variety of perspectives including Marxism, Weberian modernism, anthropology, sociology, post modernism, and others. Following these four critical reviews, the issue concludes with a brief response to his critics by Dr. Guttmann.

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