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PDF The authors employ the techniques of oral history to penetrate the nether world of the drug user, giving us an engrossing portrait of life in the drug subculture during the classic era of strict narcotic control.a
Praise for the hardcover edition:
A momentous book which I feel is destined to become a classic in the category of scholarly narcotic books.
OCoClaude Brown, author of the bestseller, Manchild in the Promised Land.
The drug literature is filled with the stereotyped opinions of non-addicted, middle-class pundits who have had little direct contact with addicts.a These stories are reality.a Narcotic addicts of the inner cities are both tough and gentle, deceptive when necessary and yet often generous—above all, shrewd judges of character.a While judging them, the clinician is also being judged.
OCoVincent P. Dole, M.D., The Rockefeller Institute.
What was it like to be a narcotic addict during the Anslinger era?a No book will probably ever appear that gives a better picture than this one. . . . a singularly readable and informative work on a subject ordinarily buried in clich(r)s and stereotypes.
OCoDonald W. Goodwin, Journal of the American Medical Association
. . . an important contribution to the growing body of literature that attempts to more clearly define the nature of drug addiction. . . . [This book] will appeal to a diverse audience.a Academicians, politicians, and the general reader will find this approach to drug addiction extremely beneficial, insightful, and instructive. . . . Without qualification anyone wishing to acquire a better understanding of drug addicts and addiction will benefit from reading this book.
OCoJohn C. McWilliams, Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography
This study has much to say to a general audience, as well as those involved in drug control.
OCoPublishers Weekly
The authors' comments are perceptive and the interviews make interesting reading.
OCoJohn Duffy, Journal of American History
This book adds a vital and often compelling human dimension to the story of drug use and law enforcement.a The material will be of great value to other specialists, such as those interested in the history of organized crime and of outsiders in general.
OCoH. Wayne Morgan, Journal of Southern History
This book represents a significant and valuable addition to the contemporary substance abuse literature. . . .a this book presents findings from a novel and remarkably imaginative research approach in a cogent and exceptionally informative manner.
OCoWilliam M. Harvey, Journal of Psychoactive Drugs
This is a good and important book filled with new information containing provocative elements usually brought forth through the touching details of personal experience. . . .a There isn't a recollection which isn't of intrinsic value and many point to issues hardly ever broached in more conventional studies.
OCoAlan Block, Journal of Social History

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