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PDF White House chaplain Billy Zeoli wrote these remarkable 146 personal prayers for President Gerald R. Ford during turbulent times, including Ford’s pardoning of President Richard M. Nixon for the Watergate crimes. The prayers serve as thoughtful devotionals, applying short biblical texts to the joys and challenges facing all leaders. They comfort and challenge leaders to be more ethical, grateful, and faithful as stewards of organizations and their own lives. With hyperlinks to the Bible Gateway, this ebook provides nearly five months of daily inspiration on the go.

Billy Zeoli “posses that golden gift,” that “rare capacity” to “be thoroughly familiar with the character and propensities and the problems of one’s fellowman…. Historians will one day draw a correlation between the events of those three years [as President] and the contents of the pages [of this book] ….” —President Gerald R. Ford, from his introduction, titled “An Appreciation”

“The prayers in this book are timeless sources of wisdom, strength, and courage for all of us who face difficult decisions in a complicated world.” —Rich DeVos, from his preface

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