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PDF Moby Dick, by Will Eisner is the graphic novel retelling of the great white whale that sunk a whaling ship and created a legend.Through the illustrations and content of this book, the reader is taken along on an adventure as young Ishmael begins his voyage on the Peqoud, the whaling ship captained by the infamous Ahab.During this journey, the reader is introduced to other characters that make up the crew of the doomed ship and learn about Captain Ahab's obsession with the giant white whale who took his leg.The voice of the characters is true to that of historical sea faring vessels, and leaves the audience reading like a sailor as though he/she were part of the crew.The reader is taught about the process of whaling and the journey that is undertaken as the Pequod hunts for Moby Dick.Upon finding him, a great battle ensues as Captain Ahab and Moby Dick square off against each other to the death.Badly wounded and seeking revenge, Moby Dick scatters the whaling boats with his tail and rams the Pequod in a final attempt to rid himself of the pesky sailors.Upon the Peqoud's sinking, the sole survivor is young Ishmael, who is rescued by a nearby whaling ship and lives to tell about the great story of Moby Dick.
The illustrations and voice in this book leave the reader well engrossed in the battle between man and beast, and make it clear to follow along on this sea-going adventure.This retelling of Moby Dick is a true graphic novel in that it allows the reader to not only read about the adventure, but see the adventure as it unfolds as well.The graphics are colorfully presented in a sequence that is easy to follow along, and aligns very closely with the content as the reader progresses.Children of all ages will find this book to be cleverly written and enjoy joining Captain Ahab and Ishmael as they sail into the legends of history.
I believe this graphic novel is best implemented into an elementary setting as an introduction to graphic novels and legendary tales.The graphics and content of the book are appropriate for learners of all ages and abilities, and captures their attention only the way a story of this magnitude can.The book could also be used as a comparison piece to see how well a children's book such as this aligns with the original telling of Moby Dick by Herman Melville.Comparing and contrasting the two pieces would serve an even wider audience and range of ages.

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