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PDF okay, since when do you read about machiavelli and think 'wow, he would make a great moth sorcerer person'?!what is in your head higuri?!granted, he was a basketball coach of politics (better at advising and directing than actually playing since he was a failed politician after all and "the prince" is still read today for political and managerial advice).but still, couldn't have you made him into a sage or wiseman?, marrying the sibling of someone your brother/sister is already married to could have been considered incest.besides, the pope already had ties with naples, why the need for two people to marry for the same political ties?

spain.why isn't referred to as it's individual kingdoms?yes i know that isabel and ferdinand's "united" "spain."but the kingdoms still operated separately.just because you rule over more than one kingdom it doesn't automatically unite those territories.

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