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PDF Author Note: Please read my blog post prior to adding TWST, a work of marine-mammal protectionist science-fiction, with the emphasis on SCIENCE, to your list.

The Whale Song Translation is a story about sound: sounds of language, sounds of songs, and the sounds that kill . . . When the Navy's controversial sonar experiments begin to destroy Maui's whales, an unlikely hero emerges. Inspired by his mentor's paradigm-busting challenge to open a communications channel with other big-brained species, acoustics professor David Dmitri begins analyzing the songs of humpback whales. The quest to decode their mysterious language leads him to an astonishing revelation. With more proof, Dmitri realizes he could rally public opinion and stanch the bloodshed. But as his team prepares to launch a voyage of discovery in the Straits of Lahaina, others are determined to stop him-whatever the consequences. In the spirit of Carl Sagan's Contact and Steven Spielberg's Close Encounters, The Whale Song Translation is a voyage of discovery into a new frontier: the excitement of first contact and the recognition of the intelligence, dignity, and wisdom of another earthly species. Built on fascinating, believable science, Part I of The Torch of Prometheus trilogy delivers thought-provoking "breakthroughs" about language and intelligence in earth's other big-brained beings, and explores the intertwined existential crises of humans and whales.

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