Richard P. Feynman - The Feynman Lectures on Physics Vol 3. PDF

PDF jesus christ, why did I give this book 4 stars last year? i guess i didn't understand it very well back then, but every time i reread it i seem to be more amazed by Feynman and his intuition. I recently realized that I've wasted 3 years getting a physics degree instead of picking up these books. that is a rather depressing thought :)
few quantum mechanics books don't start with the Schrodinger equation. and I always wonder where the hell this equation comes from. feynman follows a different path (of course). he spends about 10 lectures performing the long song and dance routine of probability amplitude wavefunction before he starts mentioning Schrodinger. this time I spent a lot of time on the chapter on Josephson junction and it just wows me. I love how Feynman never gets too bogged down with the math, whenever he presents an equation, he finds ways to explain the physical meaning of it and you just go: "yes of course! the equation MUST look that way!". and even mundane things like the double slit experiment, he has something terribly interesting to say. every physics major should read this book.

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