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PDF High up on the ledge of a sheer rock click, Benjamin's heart pounds as he and his two siblings prepare for their first flying lesson. Benjamin, being the oldest eaglet, is the first up to take the leap. As the initial gust of wind from a storm far out at sea makes its way over miles and miles of water and land towards the cliff, Ben's mother nudges him off the edge of the nest. He is tormented between the excitement of soaring and the terror of falling, and completely unaware of his oncoming fate. Just as he spreads his wings and discovers the thrill of flight, the powerful cold wind reaches him. With only his primitive instinct to stay airborne, Ben frantically flaps his wings to maintain control but it's no use. He is abducted and taken far from home, smashed against a cliff, and spirals downward with a wounded wing and amnesia to Earth, where he is left to deal with the demons in his mind and an adventure that he never would have expected.

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