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PDF Children love this story. It's also a great tool for parents. Jennifer G. from Florida says, "My children loved the story and didn't see the end coming. Now they ask me to read it to them over and over. This book has helped us have conversations based on their questions. It is so much easier to help them learn when they are interested." So whether you are looking for a bedtime story or a conversation starter, Spike is the book for you and your family.

Spike is a story that is great for the Easter season, but it is also a timeless story that teaches the love of Christ and how God uses people and THINGS in a variety of ways to accomplish His purposes. Spike helps children learn that everything matters to God and takes the reader and listeners on his adventure from the carpenters barrel to the Cross of Calvary.

Purchase Spike now, and you and your children will be immersed in the fantastic story in no time.

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