Cheris Kramarae - Routledge International Encyclopedia of Women, Volume 1. PDF

PDF This ground breaking reference work is the first to provide truly comprehensive, in-depth global coverage of the theory and practice of Women's Studies. In over 900 alphabetically organized entries, contributed by some of the world's most important Women's Studies scholars, this set covers all of the major areas in the field: Arts and Literature, Communication, Economy and Development, Ecology, Education, Health and Sexuality, History and Philosophy of Feminism, Households and Families, Politics and the State, Science and Technology, Spirituality and Religion, Violence and Peace and Women's Studies. Entries explore conditions among women in countries around the world, and frequently provide special studies on a region-by-region basis. A small sampling of entries includes: Abortion; Christianity: Status of Women; Domestic Labor; Eating Disorders; Education, in: Middle East and North Africa, North America, etc.; Erotica; Images of Women, in: Africa, Caribbean, Southeast Asia, etc.; Romantic Fiction; Street Harassment; Violence, in: Central and South America, East Asia, etc.; Welfare; Witches; Work: Equal Pay and Conditions, and much more.; This work is destined to become the resource of choice in the field of Women's Studies. Fully indexed and cross-referenced, with bibliographies at the end of each article.

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