Naoshi Komi - ダブルアーツ 1 (Daburu Ātsu, #1). PDF

PDF So, I'm really enjoying this. (Yes, I'm reading a scan of it. It's never been translated officially to English from what I understand)

I like the initial concept of them never being able to let go of each other. It's a neat little concept and it's nice that it's managing to play out without going into squicky territory thus far. I like the mysterious plague and the idea of the Sisters who can cure it.

Kiri being more than mostly ordinary I like less. I would've preferred both to be more ordinary and less unique snowflakes. It's less believable this way. Yet, his abilities as shown so far are interesting.

One more complaint I have is the amount of worldbuilding spread out (and yet dumped) throughout the first five chapters. It's a little much. See above re: unique snowflake - perhaps I would believe all that better if the worldbuilding was better-done.

But I like it. The character dynamics are good. They're fun and memorable. I like it.

(Granted, it got cancelled; but whatever... xD)

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