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PDF This was the first book I picked off the shelf in my endeavor to read only skinny books - that is, anything that I can read in one afternoon spent lying in the sun.It is indeed a skinny book: a mere smattering of drawings by Darragh Park and entries by James Schuyler.The men stayed in contact during the creation of these two journals but they are only marginally related.Although both works deal primarily with the quotidienne, they are revealing of Schuyler's troubled mental state, his time spent in hospitals and his relationships to other "New York School" (can I apply this term to him? maybe not), gay, drunk writers.But it is touching, and helpful, to remember how capable everyday images and experiences are of opening themselves up as subject matter.Occasional written images of Schuyler's, and many sketched images of Darragh's, are beautiful and perfect compliments to the sunny hour in which you can read this book.

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