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PDF I am a huge, huge fan of the Outlaw Chronicles by Angus Donald so it pains me to give this short novelette (more like a short story) only three stars.The Rise of Robin Hood is supposed to be a prequel to the very successful first book of the Outlaw Chronicles titled, appropriately enough, Outlaw.In fact, the first chapter of Outlaw is even included in this small snippet.For those of us who have been enjoying the Outlaw Chronicles, this might be very unsatisfying.Extremely short (36 pages and that includes the Outlaw chapter), it is the simply story of a young Robin and Little John and how they came to rule Sherwood Forest.Paradoxically, the only people who might enjoy it are those who have read the Chronicles....if this were the first glimpse into Donald's fantastic world, I'm afraid many readers wouldn't find it compelling enough to read the series. recommendation:if you haven't read the series, do NOT start with this prequel!Start with the first novel, Outlaw, and I can guarantee you that you will be unable to stop reading this fabulous series.At that point, you'll probably be compelled to pay the few dollars to download this prequel (it's only available digitally) and be able to take it for what it is....just a little snippet.

If you're a fan of the series, you're probably like me and can't resist another little foray into Robin's world.While it is always fun to delve into his world, don't expect much here.It was simply too short to 'create' the world we fans are so familiar with.

So....for readers who haven't read the series:3 stars.For those of us who are fans of the series: 4 stars.

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