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PDF Quickly creating ominous atmosphere is a remarkable talent of the short story writer. The proper short story does not waste time procrastinating what it is ultimately attempting to achieve. Stephen King’s Children of the Corn creates the bleak spooky atmosphere of an menacing an immanent doom right from the start. Vicky and Burt, a married couple attempting to rekindle their love for one another are driving coast to coast for vacation. They are in Nebraska driving through an endless sight of cornfield and bickering with one another. While driving they hit a boy who is already dead. They are attempting to find a town and hail the police so they can confess what has happened in hopes of finding the real killer. What ensues is a ghost town leading to the anxiety of isolation and being stuck only with the person you love who you actually hate, which turns out to a true living hell.Reading the story, I pictured King driving through corn country in the mid-west smoking cigarettes and fiddling with the radio station attempting to find anything besides white noise when he comes across an evangelical sermon and thus his imagination runs wild and this story is born. Children of the Corn is much more than a spooky horror story. There is deeper meaning to this story than pure horror entertainment and enthusiasm. The blatant interpretation of using religion as a pulpit for extremism justifications and ultimately death and destruction and religion kills is obvious and has been done before but because there are many bible references for a horror story and not any mention of Satan makes it all the more terrifying. God is telling you to kill not Satan. Reading this short story in 2014 I have a different interpretation than just the lovely religion kills meaning, which is still salient today. Corn is omnipresent in every facet of our lives and these producers of corn will do anything and everything to keep the corn in production. The zealous corporations of Cargill, Monsanto, and Archer Midland Daniels among other global food producers are the children of the corn who lobby congress as well as much greater wicked acts to have corn byproducts in every single consumer food available and they do not care if it kills you slowly or quickly they are simply sacrificing you to their only holly god, profit.

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