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PDF The definitive six-volume reference set with over 500 in-depth entriesThe International Encylopedia of Business and Management was five years in the making and is the only reference work of its kind. Contributors include virtually every major business school and some of the most influential organizations in the world. Tested at every stage by information specialists, academic researchers and practising managers, the quality and coverage is unparalleled.
— Geographic-based entries - Industrial Relations in Japan, Management in Mexico...
— Biographies chart the influence and contribution made by both historical and contemporary figures - Adam Smith, Machiavelli, Deming, Michael E Porter
— Numerous entries of global interest - International marketing, International business negotiations, International Finance
— Management concepts, issues and challenges - Entrepreneurship, Just-in-Time, Relationship marketing, Organization culture...
— Interdisciplinary...ranges over the whole spectrum of topics in business and management, drawing on work in related fields such as economics and psychology.
— Accessible - contents range from general essays to in-depth analyses with a short overview at the start of each entry

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