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PDF This book presents the foundations of the science of polymer derived ceramics, enriched with many descriptions of applications. Written by a team of selected researchers, the text is a systematic, comprehensive introduction to all phases of polymer derived ceramics from synthesis strategies through properties measurement, and applications. New material is given on the nanolevel structure of PDCs, and it is shown how nano-sized modifications can alter and improve the properties of polymer derived ceramics, including high chemical durability, oxidation resistance, luminescence, and piezo-resistivity. Groundbreaking work is also described on novel precursors such as stoichiometric SiC, BN, and SiBCN ceramics. In terms of technology, this volume explains how PDCs are fabricated and how these novel materials are used in membranes, filters, MEMS, fibers, and micro-components. This book covers: synthesis, structure, properties and applications; strategies for characterizing and synthesizing PDCs; and, original research on pre-ceramic PDC precursors.

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