Heesung Nam - 달빛 조각사 3 (The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor, #3). PDF

PDF Edit: So I've read the first 7 books in this series and this review is applicable to each of those individually. I initially rated these 4 stars but came back and lowered the rating as that is simply not fair to the other authors whose work I've rated as four stars.

The story line and concept for this series is great and I have enjoyed each of these books. However, though the translations are decent, I feel the work suffers greatly simply due to the lack of a professional English translation as well as English editing and publishing process. This series has tremendous potential though. Unfortunately, at this point, what is publicly available to English readers is seriously lacking. I've read that there are plans in the near future to professionally translate and publish.

Each volume is relatively short (between approximately 350-390 pages), which is not a problem, but what is an issue is that each subsequent volume has a lot of repetitive information. Also, there's a lot of story that just didn't interest me (i.e. grandma and sister. You could probably cut out 95 percent of what has been said about them and still paint the same picture that has been created about those characters and their impact on the main character). Some of my qualms may just be a cultural difference too, so I can't judge to harshly.

I feel that the 7 volumes I've read so far, in the hands of a good editor and translator, would probably make a good 3 or 4 books. Potentially an amazing 2 or 3 books. As of now, I've decided to take a break from the series. There's a few books that have just been released that I'd like to read. Though I'm vested and interested in this story and its main character, I feel I should be more vested/interested after 7 volumes. By the way, there's about 40 volumes published currently. Approximately 20 of which have been unprofessionally translated by various people. Which, when you think of that, it's pretty impressive as it speaks to the overall love for the story as these translators are typically simply fans of the series.

Original: I've said this before, but I really enjoy this type of book.Now if the authors works would just be officially translated and sold. Starting the next one soon. I imagine I'll be reading these for a while if the translation quality remains at the level this book was or better. Thanks to my GRs friend H.P for turning me on to this read in particular.

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