J.M. Dattilo - Time's Illusion (Time's Edge, #3). PDF


The story continues.Michael, Kate, Xerses and four others fell through the portal opened when Michael and Xerses fought at Time's Edge over the Origin Stone.They have landed in the Seven Mountains after somehow breaking through an impenetrable shield.Unfortunately no one landed in the exact same place. No one knows where the others are or even if they've all survived the drop and they must face distrust, suspicion, sometimes fear from the populace.To make matters more complicated, Michael's memory is affected when he suffers a head injury on impact.While he still has the Origin Stone, Michael is totally unaware of its' power. Xerses,waiting for his own injury to heal, is frustrated since he wants the Stone for himself.Then, there are The Seven Orbicules (and sisters) to consider.And everyone seems to be bringing the prophecy into most any conversation.

This installment in the " Time's Edge" series will not disappoint.Fast paced, often amusing and full of surprises, this book is one wild ride.Enjoy.

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