K.M. Scott - Silk (Silk #2). PDF

PDF Omissions, Regrets, Obsessions, Cravings, Heartbreaking Love, Fear, Hope... this is Silk Volume Two.

After spending some time without one another, Ian and Kristina realize they cant stay away from each other. Their love pulls them together like a magnet.

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Ian's book is published and a success now that his muse is back, but soon a business trip will destroy everything...

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Kristina can't stand the feeling of hurting Ian, so she keeps to herself some news that will hurt him more than she ever thought.

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Its amazing how the author can explore these emotions all together and bring us a book that will keep us reading and craving for more! The anxiety that this story gives us is nerve wrecking!! Its also very sexy and unbelievable hot!

Cant wait to read Volume Three and see what happens next!

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