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PDF Mermaids, banshees, and faerie kings and queens: no matter the faerie, it has the delightful ability to answer all questions about love, life, and the future. And the key to convincing these shy creatures to reveal their knowledge is in this exquisite full-color book and 52 beautiful magic message cards, all packaged in an attractive box. Open the pages to learn what each faerie represents, the secret of laying out the enchanted cards, and countless charming faerie customs and rituals that have survived since time immemorial.
Every card is beautifully illustrated and holds a unique faerie message. The Love Faerie counsels joy and contentment for those who make peace with their fellows, while the Healing Faerie reminds us that, "As the smallest creatures need care, so the smallest of human failings need your forgiveness."Together the book and cards reveal every aspect of the faerie world and its lore, from the troll, who lives under the earth, healing the roots of the trees, to mischief-making imps and pixies. A Selection of the One Spirit Book Club.

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