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PDF THE BEST OF THE BESTStealth warriors without equal—highly trained, highly motivated and heavily armed—its their job to take the battle to the Devils backyard. In the jungles of Vietnam in 1967, they are the very best America has—a flawless fighting machine entrusted with the ops that no one else can do, yet which must be done. They are swift, savage death in the water, air and on the ground. They are SEALs.SEALS—TOP SECRETOperation: Artful DodgerA brutal guerilla jungle war is about to move to a terrifying new level. The army of North Vietnam is armed and ready to throw nuclear waepons into the bloody mix. The CIA uncovered the plot—but its the SEALS who have to defense it.Going covert, Alpha Squad, Team Two SEALS must penetrate the enemys portected heart like a stiletto: with a swift, sharp and dealdy precise stab into the North. With one false move, this secret war within a war could explode with a destructive force powerfuk enough to shake the world, But for a courageous squad of SEALs trapped in the green heart of Hell, the gravest threat of all to their mission and their mission and their lives is rocketing toward them from behind U.S. lines.

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